September 7, 2011

A Whole New Need for Speed

While there are a ton of racing games out there for just about any system you can think of, there is one series that really stands out: Need for Speed. The Need for Speed series has been at the forefront of the racing game scene longer than many titles have even been in existence. The game has continued to have a rising following since the time of their first release in 1994.

In case you have forgotten, this is the game where you would have to race against opponents while eluding police or you could play as the police and you would have to “bust” your opponent using a variety of means. From the beginning of the NFS series, the game has gone through some pretty dramatic changes. Changes ranging from racing cars that were unlocked through tournament wins in the earlier stages, to being able to build your perfect ride by winning money in races. While a lot has changed, the game has remained a series that both action gaming and simulation enthusiasts turn to for the way a driving game should look and feel.  The series has continued to change the overall feel and view of the game to create some instant classics that made for quite a few cool cars--and hot engines.

This year at E3, a preview for Need for Speed: The Run was shown and brought a whole new level of excitement to the series. To sum it up, you know those movie trailers that make you want to do whatever it is that is being done in the movie? Well, it’s kinda like that, but multiplied by a thousand. The preview shows a race in progress, when out of nowhere the driver is rammed by a car being driven by the mob, who then chases the him—on foot—through a building to the roof, where he has to jump from building to building, eventually ending up back on the ground. At this point, a cop car cruises up and the player then proceeds to beat up the cop and steal his car. From here the mission obviously changes and, as he is being chased, a helicopter is constantly shooting at him and blowing up other vehicles while the driver attempts to dodge the resultant fireballs in the road and escape the city. In short, this game looks like it will be amazing, adding a whole new dynamic to the storyline.  

Another trailer has been added to the mix, which can be seen here, courtesy of EA, which makes the game look so good that you can actually feel the wind in your hair (Ok, maybe not, but it sounds good, right?). There are a couple different angles to this game and whether you decide to play it for the racing, the action, or the fact that any time the Mob is in a game things seem to get very interesting very fast, it looks like this game will be one for the ages.


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