September 5, 2011

Dead Island Looks Zombie-tastic

Dead Island, created by Techland, is set to be released on September 6th, 2011. From what I have seen, the game looks to be amazing. There are a couple of things that always seem to get me excited for a new release: guns, good storyline, and by far, what I get the most excited about are zombies. Now, I am a huge fan of zombie movies, books, and, of course, games. I believe that a good game can, I would go so as far as to say should, create a combination of the three. Dead Island looks to do exactly that. While all of the ideas used in Dead Island are not original, and many seem to be “borrowed” from Dead Rising, my point of view is “If it aint broke don’t fix it.” Or in this case, if it makes for intoxicating, exhilarating gameplay, use it.

From what I have heard, seen, and hope with all of my heart, all of the characteristics that I, or anyone else for that matter, could want, can be found in Dead Island. One of the trailers can be seen here. After watching the trailer, you cannot deny how amazing the game looks. Well, on second thought, the trailer looks amazing. The thing is, the trailer doesn’t show much game play, if any at all. It does however, leave you wanting so much more, and hopefully the game will play, look, and feel similar to the way that the trailer does. If it does, I will probably be waiting in line, and I may or may not be dressed up as a zombie.

Which brings forth the question: What are some of your favorite zombie games that you remember playing? To name a few of my favorites: The House of the Dead, Resident Evil, Area 51 (debatable, as the title would dictate them as aliens), and I honestly loved and still do presently love Black Ops zombies.

With these games in mind, along with others, it’s awesome to see how zombies within games and within society, have evolved to what they are today. So, while I anxiously await the release of Dead Island, what zombie games do you remember playing growing up? Which ones did you love or hate? What aspects of past games do you hope to carry over to the newer releases, and what are you hoping will stop with the one game? Honestly, with graphics evolving as fast as they are, and the zombies becoming craftier in every new release, it’s not unlikely that I will be locking my door before I begin Dead Island.


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