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Rift is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game(MMORPG) for PC that challenges players to stop an ongoing invasion oftheir world by horrific creatures from other planes of existence, whilesimultaneously growing ever more powerful by doing so. These creaturesappear at a variety of elemental rifts that erupt at the confluence ofthese planes. Using an extensive level of customization, which allowsplayers to very nearly create their own character classes, playersdefeat enemies, seal rifts and draw power from them. Additional featuresinclude: standard quest gameplay as well as player vs. player action,two factions each containing multiple races and a dynamic world full ofunpredictability.


Rift is set on Telara, a fantasy world which lies alarmingly close to avariety of other planes of existence In the final days of the Mathosiancivil war, the Ward that protected Telara from planar convergence withthese other worlds was severely weakened by a disaster known as theShade. Since that time, rifts between Telara and other planes have beenincreasingly devastating the land, and old enemies in the form ofmonsters, held at bay by elemental prisons have begun actively clawingtheir way out. Telara's greatest enemy, the god Regulos, pounds againstthe outside of the Ward, seeking reentry into Telara to finish the jobhe once started. Meanwhile, Telara's own pantheon of gods has suddenlygrown silent, and the world is descending into total chaos.

Thepeople of Telara are now convinced that the end of the world is athand. In these desperate final days, two major factions have arisen tobattle the coming apocalypse: the Guardians and the Defiant. Though eachfaction wants to save the world, their beliefs and methods differ, andthey war upon each other as often as they do other enemies of Telara.

Factions and Souls

Rift contains two main factions, the Guardians and the Defiant. Withineither of these factions players can choose from four charactercallings, Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Mage. Further, within these playersgain access to a variety of different character possibilities known as"souls" - each soul granting players access to a unique "Soul Tree,"which contains all of the traits and abilities that a soul had masteredduring its life. As your character levels up, you earn soul points thatcan be used to improve that tree's soul level, granting players accessto even more powerful traits and abilities. As a player's charactergrows in power, so does his or her ability to take on, or "attune"souls. A maximum-level player will be able to attune up to three soulsof their choosing each with their own attributes. Souls grow in power asthey become more specialized, and have well-rounded abilities that makethem great for both solo and group play. The result is the ability tocreate your own class for virtually any situation.


Although it can be played on its own, Rift like all MMORPGs is designed to be played with others online. Playersassume the role of an "Ascended Soul" - a Telaran slain during the greatShade War and resurrected to combat the forces of Regulos, the dragongod of extinction. Once a character's calling and initial soul(s) areselected players can take on quests alone or join together in looseconfederations or more organized guilds to seek to defeat creatures thatare spawned from rifts dynamically. Close the openings, and gainrewards to progress and level up. Rewards are given for all sorts ofactions, including attacks, healing and more. Of course different guildswill also seek to undermine each other as well, leading to substantialplayer vs. player combat opportunities.

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Logitech Rumblepad 2
Logitech Rumblepad 2
Microsoft Xbox 360
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By craigMarch 3, 2011

download link is fail.
Facebook link on main site is fail, no page there.

Is this to force to pay??

By Joystix ProMarch 7, 2011

Nope! Just a mistype in the download URL, it should be fixed now. I'm not seeing the Facebook link issue you're referring to, however.

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