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May 25, 2018

Game Highlight: Civilization 5

Play the most popular game in the entire 4x genre from the comfort of your couch! Read More

May 17, 2018

Game Highlight: Slay the Spire

Play this wonderful single player deck builder roguelike with your game controller! Read More

March 13, 2015

The top 3 reasons people use Joystix Pro Elite

Here are the top three reasons people use Joystix Pro Elite    They can program their own game controller -- 63%    They can add advanced functionality of multiple mappings to the same button -- 48%    They can play more games -- 38% Read More

April 4, 2012

The Popularity of Playing PC Games with the Xbox 360 Controller

With an overwhelming percentage of gamers who play PC games with a controller using some form of the Xbox 360 controller, I discuss this phenomenon and explore potential explanations for the most successful gamepad of all time. Read More

February 29, 2012

Top 12 reasons why game controllers are better than keyboards and mice when playing PC games

why controllers are better than keyboards and mice
Controllers are being supported by more and more PC games, which shows a trend toward controller use. And for those games that are not supported, software such as Joystix Pro ( can be used with ease to add support to your favorite games. Read More