July 11, 2011

The Hunt for the Best FTP MMORPG: Allods Bonus!

Hey there! Nice to see you again! Welcome back! Well, since last time we spoke, I have begun playing Allods online. So far, though I have not gotten incredibly far, I like Allods. I think the graphics are great and the game is very well done. For those of you who have been following my trip through FTPMMORPG’s you will know that Allods was not one of my picks. Instead, Colin from the247arcade and I were talking about our games and because of the excitement that he had for Allods I felt like playing it was a must. After discussing it further, we decided that after playing our separate lists of games we would each pick our favorite and the other one would play it.

My favorite game, without question, was Vindictus. I loved it with all of my heart and actually plan to download it on the new gaming PC I just purchased--as soon as it arrives in the mail. But, I digress. As I previously stated, Allods is visually amazing, riddled with breathtaking graphics and set in a locale that would make a blind man frown with envy. The game play is good, similar to the other FTPMMORPG’s that I have been playing, the idea of completing quests in order to update, or increase certain aspects of your character.

My character was the Warrior; I felt bad choosing this, as I like to avoid being the biggest, baddest character in hopes of having to figure out some tactics in order to complete tasks and not just ram my way through to the completion of quests. The character reminds me of the new addition to Vindictus—Karok--due to size and the fact that at any moment, either one of them could take over and dominate a quest with or without your assistance.

I do think it is important to add that of the six or so MMORPG’s I have played (I may have snuck in an extra one or two), Allods puts the most emphasis on the story. With some of the games that I have played, at one point or another, I find myself thinking, “Why is it so important for me to run two miles north to kill three pigs and then go back to tell the “Old Man” that I did?” Well, in Allods that mystery never occurs as there are no pigs and the storyline is very well thought out (almost overly so) and clear.

The game is very good, and without question worth a play. Although my favorite is still Vindictus, I feel like this one is a close second and if for some reason Nexon goes down or crashes it wouldn’t be farfetched to see me on my Allods account.


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