Why Use a Controller?

Why Use a Controller?

The debate over which is better, a controller or a mouse and keyboard, is one that will probably go on forever. Obviously, we believe strongly in controller gaming—and the reasoning is simple, really:

1. It's more comfortable. Simply put, everything on a controller is ergonomically designed to be right where you need it for easy access.  You don't have to contort your hands, or the rest of your body, into awkward shapes to reach the keys you need, because the buttons are just where you'd expect them to be.

2. It's more convenient. Whether you want to play at your desk, or in your living room, or in your friends' living room, a controller goes with you with minimal effort. Even when not traveling, a controller is easy to pick up or set down whenever you like.

3. It facilitates greater immersion in gaming. Comfort and convenience are great benefits on their own, but there's an indirect benefit that they offer--immersion. When you can't seem to find the keys to hit, have to take a break every so often to give your wrists and neck a break, or have to move your keyboard out of your lap to answer the door, then you're not as immersed in the gaming experience as you could, and would probably like to be.

Tell us why you use a controller!

The Advantages of Using a Controller

Joystix was created in an effort to make the task of playing PC gameswith controllers as effortless and enjoyable as possible.That’s whywe have meticulously gone through every detail of the Joystix experiencein order to ensure it’s everything you could hope for.Check out someof the features you’ll get with Joystix:

  • Hassle-free PC and browser-based gaming with your favorite console controller
  • Support for three of the most popular gaming controllers including the Xbox 360, Logitech, and Saitek brands
  • Enjoy a full keyboard at your fingertips with our patented Texter technology
  • Take advantage of over 25 of our expertly crafted game configurations
  • Or build your own game configurations with our Stix Studio
  • Compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, and XP

We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how convenient Joystixis to use; but because we know our members are as smart as they come,we always love to hear your ideas for improving the member experience,so please tell us what you think!

Why Joystix Dominates the Competition

Joystix is easy to install, setup, and use. If a Joystix member wants to play a game we already support, all they have to do is install the software, grab a controller, and start playing; and if there is a game we don’t officially support, our members are given the tools to create a controller configuration in a matter of minutes. Using Joystix also provides a full keyboard at the tips of a users’ thumbs—anything they can do using a full-sized keyboard can be done with the innovative Texter design.

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